I have been creating photographic collages since the mid-1980’s. These images examine themes of daily life, through the juxtaposition of photographs, with which I hope to create a different and sometimes unique way of looking at the commonplace. The images have been taken in the United States, Portugal, England, Israel, Spain, France, Italy, Cuba, Peru, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, and most recently Cambodia and Australia.

To create the images, I often take between 200 and 300 photographs of the scene that I want to document. The shots are taken from different viewpoints and with different focal length lenses, sometimes using reverse perspective. Occasionally, I go back to the scene to re-photograph what I feel may be missing, and sometimes I use photos intended for one collage, in a different collage.…whatever it takes to get the final image right. The photos are then processed and mounted on board, one overlapping the other to finally create the desired image.

What I am trying to achieve is probably closer to what a painter does, but in my case, my paintbrush is my 35mm Canon. Straight-forward photography generally documents a single instant, from one perspective or point of view. Photocollage allows the artist to create a narrative and tell a more complex story through the manipulation of the photos he sticks down. So when one says that the camera never lies, in my work, if it doesn’t lie, it rarely tells the complete truth.

In the mid-1970's I travelled to Rio for four years consecutively with my then wife, Lena, to photograph the Rio Carnival. A book of our photographs, Carnival in Rio, was published in 1978 by Hawthorne Books in NY, and was a great success. This was followed by an exhibition at the Photographer's Gallery in London. During the same period I also produced and directed a documentary film on the Carnival.

Also in the 1970’s, I edited and co-published with Viking Press of New York, the book “Next Year in Jerusalem”. This documented the Jewish contribution to the 20th Century through the lives and work of artists, musicians, writers and entertainers. It was one of Viking’s most successful coffee table books, selling about 35,000 copies in hardcover. In the same era, as photojournalist, I produced some interesting images of the 1973 Arab/Israeli war, which were widely published. Some years later, two friends and myself were the subject of the English TV documentary film, “Three Characters in Search of a Treasure”, about our hunt in the Caribbean for Capt Kidd’s legendary treasure….which we did not find.

In 1993 I had an exhibition of my photocollage work in a gallery in Los Angeles, which resulted in it being in a number of collections in that city, as well as having a couple of pieces used in movies. In 2003 I had a one-man exhibition of about fifty photocollages in the prestigious Cultural Centre of Cascais, in Portugal. My memoirs, " It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, with 350 pages and 200 photos, will be published by the Book Guild in England in early 2013."

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